The first and the most comprehensive mobile Moodle app!

Our mobile Moodle applications mTouch, mTouch+, moodlEZ and mTouch-U support Moodle 2.x as well as Moodle 1.9.x versions . You can test your access your Moodle site through our registration free public mTouch-U web application and test our technology. Just click this link or direct your browser to

iOS 7 compatible versions of moodlEZ and mTouch+ are available for download from the Apple AppStore.
moodlEZ, special Moodle web browser which supports file uploads and downloads, is available on the Apple AppStore.
Moodle for all mobiles, mTouch-U. Type in your mobile browser and see mTouch-U in action.
mTouch,mTouch+, moodlEZ and mTouch-U support Moodle 2.x as well as Moodle 1.9.x

mTouch (MoodleTouch)

The first and most comprehensive iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad app for Moodle. MoodleTouch requires no server side tweaking or installation, just download and start using MoodleTouch.
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moodlEZ (MoodleEasy) is a specialized Moodle web browser with file upload support. moodleEZ supports file downloads from your Moodle site to your device.

moodlEZ renders your Moodle site as is and provides you a button on the toolbar when you hit a page which includes file uploads. moodlEZ provides full support for Moodle 2.x modules and all roles (teacher, student and administrator). moodlEZ supports ONLY STUDENT usage scenarios for assignment, forum and glossary modules on Moodle 1.9.x
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T-SQL Editor for pragmatic developers. Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 (Free And Open Source)
Details... Download from Codeplex

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